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Subject Leader Priorities

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  • Being in line with the new curriculum.
  • Half of all units to feature coding/programming.
  • To develop computational thinking in pupils.
  • (Using the Unplugged activities, etc.)
  • To retain and build on existing ICT units.
  • To have ICT enhancing lessons across the curriculum.
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  • To check we are in line with the new curriculum.
  • To write new units based on new curriculum.
  • To implement the new units in September 2015.
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Speaking and Listening

  • Developing consistency of classroom displays. e.g. STAR, word thief, word of the day.
  • To introduce debate to the school and lay foundations for future. e.g. Debate Mate, staff meeting in Summer term.
  • Raise the profile of speaking throughout school. e.g Speaker of the week, Chatterfox day etc.
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  • Update curriculum map in line with local SACRE.
  • Develop units of work on Christianity for each year group to ensure progression.
  • Train and support teachers to plan effective enquiry based lessons with a balance between AT1 and AT2.
  • Support across two schools – Fox and Ashburnham.
    – Inset training, co-planning, observations and book monitoring.
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Handwriting & Presentation

  • Train new staff – run TA and parent workshops.
  • Manage handwriting intervention across the school
  • Monitor handwriting across the school through book look.
    – Keep presentation of home learning consistent with that of school.
  • Raise profile of handwriting in the school.
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  • To ensure there is a high standard of PSHE being taught regularly across the school – teachers know what to be teaching when and where to go for resources.
  • To have an up to date curriculum, that references SEAL and other schemes; has links across the curriculum, and ensures all objectives including SRE and DE are taught.
  • To investigate effective modes of assessment for PSHE and find ways to evidence PSHE more effectively across the school.
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  • In line with new curriculum
  • All classes to be well resourced.
  • All class phonics displays to be used effectively.
  • Subject area to be organised and easy to navigate.
  • All new staff and support staff to be given training and to feel confident to implement phonics teaching and learning across the curriculum.