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Ethos and Values

Fox School aims to create a safe, secure and sustainable learning environment where children feel valued and happy.

Children are encouraged, praised and taught to be responsible citizens and take an active role in their community.

Through PHSE and collective assemblies, children learn about the importance of moral values such as honesty, respect, tolerance, sincerity, trust and personal responsibility. We prepare our children for life in a modern democratic society. We actively celebrate diversity and ensure equality of opportunity.

Loving Learning | Making a Difference

Fox Values:

  • Independence
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Caring

The curriculum is comprehensive and both broad and balanced. Teachers take a creative approach when planning lessons and children are given opportunities to experiment, investigate, express opinions, be challenged and taught to make informed choices. Fox emphasizes the importance of working both independently and collaboratively.

Fox Aims:

In partnership with parents and the community, we seek to ensure all children:

  • receive an excellent and rich education, achieving to the best of their ability;
  • are happy, healthy, confident, independent and motivated learners;
  • have a strong foundation of values to use to make informed choices in local and global community;
  • develop a love of learning and are motivated by education.
  • Are developed as individuals and that their diverse strengths, cultural backgrounds, gifts and aspirations are celebrated.

Paul Cotter, Executive Headteacher