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Welcome to the Fox Federation Lunch Menu

Fox Primary School prides itself on its exceptional school lunches. These are planned carefully by our in-house chef in connection with feedback and ideas from our pupils through the School Council members and our staff.

Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible using suppliers who have long served our community. Our fresh meat is sourced from Lidgates butchers who are known to source from family farmers ensuring quality, nutrition and great taste. Our fish is sourced from suppliers who champion sustainability. Our catering team proactively sources the freshest ingredients such as fruits and vegetables that are seasonal and of the highest quality to deliver the most delicious, freshly cooked dishes that the pupils and staff enjoy daily. We have 2 sugar free desserts a week and have fresh fruit on offer daily as an alternative to dessert should the pupils choose.

We have a winter and summer menu that is on a 3 week cycle. All dishes are freshly cooked onsite and menus and recipes adapted every year following feedback received from pupils and staff. The new winter menu below features old favourites like the famous Fox Chicken Curry (a version of the recipe in the Foxpot 2 available now on FOXSHOP and from the school cafe) and new dishes like the Winter Beef Stew and the Coconut and Squash Dhansak. Pupils are encouraged to try all dishes to get them used to a variety of flavours and textures.

Food and education go hand in hand. Themed dishes are introduced to fit learning subjects such as Black History month where we serve delights such as Jerk Chicken, Jollof rice, bean and sweet potato stews among many others. Produce grown from our roof garden are used to encourage pupils to try new foods such as pumpkin, tomatoes, kohlrabi and lemons. Fresh herbs such as parsley and mint used in our recipes also come from our very own garden that the pupils harvest along with our gardener. THe ‘from Fox allotment to fork’ vibe gets the pupils excited about vegetables and we are keen to promote this.

Each year, Fox invites new Reception parents the opportunity to try our school lunches and enjoy the dining experience with their child. Some of their feedback includes:

‘An exceptional variety of curries- Wow!’

‘I think you guys are doing a fantastic job at providing nutritional meals. I know a lot of thought and effort goes into the menu and appreciate the multicultural touches as well.’

‘Food looked a hundred times better than I remember as a child!’

The Fox Kitchen team