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Fox Learning Zone is a section within our school website that is dedicated to supporting home learning. It provides links to a large number of other websites containing free, interactive learning materials. The sites chosen have been very carefully selected to ensure that children will enjoy them and learn as much as possible. The content of the site has been divided into five sections. Please click a link to expand.

Click here to access – a language learning website that Fox is subscribed to for Y5  and Y6.


Area of learning Name of Activity Description

Reading Skills Alphabet A letter recognition game, an ingenious spelling activity and a narrator to read simple repetitive sentences. Very good for early reading skills.

English The Ladybird Play zone A series of interactive learning activities from the Ladybird Book Publishing Company. Parents will need to play these games with children as there are written instructions to follow. The use of pictures assists children to discriminate visually (good for early reading skills)

English Nursery Rhymes In this resource pack, pupils listen to and sing along with some popular nursery rhymes – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, The Grand Old Duke of York and Baa, Baa Black Sheep. They then complete activities based on the characters and events of the nursery rhymes they have heard.

English Starfall: Learning to Read A learning to read website. Short sentences are made using very simple words. There are good quality games and animated stories which children can interact with. The children can click on words to see what they say. Excellent for learning the sounds that different letters make.

English Bo Bear A learning to read website. Four activities for young children based round the character Bo Bear. Children have to dress Bo Bear by identifying appropriate clothing. The narration helps children with their decisions.

English ABC Look at how all the letters of the alphabet are formed. Children can listen to their names and the sounds they make. Each letter is illustrated with a picture which begins with the sound. Good for learning to read and learning how to form letters correctly.

English Teddy Bears Picnic Choose a letter for your child to find. Now place all of the bears wearing that letter on the picnic cloth.Then match a drink with a capital letter to the bear or bears wearing the same letter in lower case.

Mathematics Find the most This interactive game assists children to learn the difference between larger and smaller amounts.

Mathematics Find 1 missing number A game that helps children to learn the order of the numbers from 1 to 10.

Mathematics Kaleidoscope A fascinating interactive activity involving exploring different shapes, colours and sizes.

Mathematics The string of beads An activity to assist young children to create repeating sequences.

Mathematics Count and Order A delightful counting activity using numbers from 1 to 6.

Mathematics 123 Have fun learning the numbers from 1 to 10. Each number has its own animation.

Mathematics Laughs and Giraffes Play around with the spots on a giraffe’s body and find out about numbers that are one more and one less.

Science Come Outside A wonderful site produced by the BBC within CBeebies that shows children five different environments that they can explore. A number of simple interactive activities are available.

Science Animal Homes Simple activities to help pupils understand habitats. Animal sounds have been added to give interest.

Science Body Parts A simple matching game where you have to match the body part to its name.

Science Bobinogs Colourful interactive games from the BBC on the Bobinogs website. Ideal for nursery and reception aged children. A large number of topics are covered which help to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

General Skills P B Bear Join PB for five online video adventures and a range of different learning activities.

General Skills Fun with Spot One of the best early learning sites we know. Delightful, animated illustrations. There are excellent interactive educational games based around the well-loved character Spot. A must for children from 3 to 5 years of age.

Year 1 & 2

Area of learning

Name of Activity Description

Reading Skills Mr Bump loses his memory A story about the character Mr. Bump who is always having accidents.

Reading skills Animate Aesop’s fables Watch and listen to animated versions of four of Aesop’s most famous stories about animals.

English Spark Island An ideal site for Year 1 children learning how to spell three letter words (consonant-vowel-consonant). The football imagery is likely to appeal to boys and girls.

English Word Wheels 2 A good site for learning about how a consonant blend can combine with a rime to produce a word. Suitable for high attaining Year 1 pupils and Year 2 pupils.

English Airport X Ray A good game for Year 1 pupils. This activity allows children to practise reading common words.

English Sebastian Swan Eight simple stories about animals, beautifully illustrated with digital photographs. This is a particularly popular website which has been created by Kent County Council.

English Three stories about Digby A series of three multimedia stories. Children can hear a simple story as well as doing a number of simple activities.

English Storybook Web Listen to authors who have written favourite children’s stories or play an interactive game related to the story.

English Barnaby Bear Two good stories for children about this well known character who spends his life visiting different places. The stories help to develop children’s understanding about how places differ.

English The Magic Key Five and six year olds will love these literacy games. Set around the Oxford Reading Tree characters, children can practise where the full stops and capital letters go and have fun too.

Mathematics Snakes & Ladders The familiar game of Snakes and ladders in an interactive format. Good for practising counting up to 100.

Mathematics Test the toad Children can practise simple addition and subtraction calculations, using numbers no bigger than 12.

Mathematics Class Clock A good activity for practising telling the time. This is a particularly good tool for parents to use at home to help your child learn how to tell the time.

Mathematics Number Jumbler A BBC site designed for Year 2 pupils. A wide range of mathematical topics that children learn about in Year 2 are included.

Mathematics ICT Games A huge range of mathematical games that focus on supporting pupils’ understanding of different areas covered in the Key Stage 1 mathematics curriculum.

Mathematics Look, cover, write, check One of many games on the ICT games website.

Science Where do i live A simple drop and drag activity involving children placing animals in their correct environment. It assists children to understand the idea of natural habitats.

Science Odd one out A simple drop and drag activity involving children placing animals in their correct environment. It assists children to understand the idea of natural habitats.

Science The Glaxo Smith Kline Active Science site There are multimedia activities about humans and animals, habitats and materials.

Science Growing Plants Help Sparky, the alien to find out about plants.

Science Growing plants 2 Two different sites are available each containing five different interactive activities.

Science Life processes and Living things Find out about different habitats: the plants and animals that live there.

Science What do you know about electricity A fun quiz to see if you know what uses mains electricity and batteries. Make the bulb light up in a circuit and see if you can spot the dangers in a kitchen.

Year 3 & 4

Area of learning

Name of Activity Description

English Look, say, cover, type and check A programme to help children learn their spellings. After children have entered the spellings they wish to learn flash cards are created.Subsequently these are shown to the children. After a view they are covered and children have to type out the spelling and check to see if it is correct.

English CBBC Newsround A news site from the BBC for children. You can listen and read news items as well as send in your comments. Check out the Harry Potter pages and vote for your favourite baddie.

English Learning vocabulary can be fun Word searches, crosswords, hangman, matching games and quizzes to develop children’s reading skills.

Mathematics Millenium Bug race A game for 2 involving adding 2 numbers together as quickly as possible. Good for sharpening up addition skills. The game can be played at different levels of difficulty.

Mathematics Sorting games Nine different sorting activities to help the development of reasoning.

Mathematics Number Board This is a series of problem solving activities. Children are asked to use a ‘broken’ calculator that only has a few keys working properly to make a set of given numbers.

Mathematics Calculation Balance Good for number bond work and learning multiplication tables. There are a range of different activities available.

Mathematics Post sorting A series of different activities all of which involve pupils posting a letter: tens and units; rounding; converting pence to pounds and vice versa.

Mathematics Guess my number Good for basic algebra work and understanding about inverse operations.

Mathematics Hit the button The best possible way to practise multiplication tables. Children have to either find the answer to a multiplication question or use the answer to find the question. The site is also useful for ‘quick fire’ number bonds work and deriving division facts.

Mathematics Fractions A range of activities to assist children to understand more about fractions.

Mathematics Ghostblasters A game to help children recognise multiples.

Mathematics Angle Activities Different activities to help your child measure angles accurately. There is a moveable protractor that can be used to measure different sized angles.

Science Put Annie back together An activity to help children learn about the main bones in the human skeleton.

Science Power up Learn about electricity by taking part in a number of different activities designed to teach the important areas of this subject taught in primary school.

Science Space Cadets A site created by the British National Space Centre with a number of animated films providing information about day and night and our solar system.

Science The Glaxo Smith Kline Active Science Site This site contains four activities for 8 year olds. There is some reading to do and some activities to do against the clock. There are units on the organs in the body, energy and population.

Science Life processes and living things Find out about where some animals live, what they eat and about looking after our environment. The site is by North West Grid for Learning,.

Year 5 & 6

Area of learning

Name of Activity Description

English Spin to win Children can explore how many different words they can make by changing the prefixes and suffixes in this game.

Mathematics Post the shapes An activity to assist the development of understanding about rotation, reflection and translation. Children can also extend their understanding of coordinates. The game can be played at a range of levels.

Mathematics Alien Function A challenging activity involving children working out a function by interpreting the output from a number they have chosen to input.

Mathematics Caroll Diagrams Good for developing thinking about the properties of numbers. This site will also assist pupils to revise their knowledge of key mathematical vocabulary.

Mathematics Sudoku If your child has learnt how to do a Sudouku puzzle, they will find a new puzzle to do every day on this website. There are a range of levels of challenge available from very easy to very hard.

Mathematics Grade 6 A Canadian website containing a series of animated ‘mathematical stories’ with a series of multiple choice questions about mathematical concepts. There are 21 different stories available.

Mathematics Mathematical Activities for Year 6 A series of 10 different activities for Year 6 children designed by the Department for Education and Skills.

Mathematics Reflective Symmetry A very good website for teaching children about reflective symmetry.

Science Engineering intact A very exciting site designed by Cambridge University. Children are given important missions and are taught concepts through exciting stories. They are also given activities to do. The site is particularly good for learning about light, sound and forces

Science Electricity Help Sparky the Alien with activities on electricity which include insulators, conductors, comparing circuits and circuit symbols. Very good for checking knowledge about electricity.

Science My Body A superb site for children on the human body. Click on the parts of the body to find out about topics such as the senses, bones, digestion, lungs, heart and kidneys, to name but a few. Well worth delving into!

Science Church Farm Trail Follow the farm trail to explore habitats and food chains on this organic farm in Berkshire.

Science Planet 10 A superb simulation of our Solar System. Not only can you zoom in or view the planets from different angles, but there is information too. You can also create a world of your own if you wish.

i-Pad apps

Please click here to download a list of free iPad apps that we use in school You are our best researchers: we welcome you to add your suggestions by email to [some apps may have changed from free to paid since we downloaded them]
If your child continues to find the level of challenge of the activities too hard, you may wish to try sites for younger aged pupils. Conversely, if your child keeps finding the activities too easy, you may wish to try activities for an older age range. Some sites have links to other related sites that you and your child may wish to explore. Some sites require the user to download Macromedia Flash Player, a simple piece of software which will take a couple of minutes to obtain. If you do not currently have this software simple instructions will be provided on how to obtain it from the first host site that requires it.