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FSA Contribution

FSA contribution

The FSA has funded a number of important changes to Fox School in the last five years. These changes include:

  • Improvements to the Fox School kitchen
  • Renovation of and new furniture for all classrooms at the school
  • Additional books and materials for all classrooms
  • Renovation of the Fox School library and expanding the books offered
  • Partial funding for the renovation of the Willow Tree area
  • Costumes for school theatre productions
  • Subsidising the cost of after-school clubs for Fox children


In 2007-2008, the FSA funded these projects in addition to :

Building a Fox Growing Zone

The bank area above the children’s water fountains in the KS1 playground was transformed into a ‘Growing Zone’, including a greenhouse, and small growing plots for each class.

Extension of the KS2 quiet play area

We will create a quiet seating area next to the school office, where children can play and relax together during breaktime. We will purchase seating, covers and other facilities that will match the natural appearance of the new KS1 reception learning area design.

Renovation of the KS1 playground

We are proposing to fund some essential works for the upkeep of the KS1 playground, including remarking the playground, replacing/expanding the shelter area and adding one new play facility.

Additional learning focused technologies for each classroom

We are raising money to buy two pieces of equipment for each classroom – An ‘Activ Vote Set’ (AVS) as well as a ‘visualiser.’ The AVS assists teachers to better understand children’s comprehension of lessons by allowing them to express a view without raising their hand. These ‘voting’ mechanisms indicate, following questions from the teacher, whether children have understood the lesson, and allow a teacher to immediately evaluate whether additional information should be communicated.

Visualisers are a new technology that are the next class of overhead projectors, which allow teachers to build lessons in a very visual way around tangible items in class, by placing them onto the visualiser and having them projected onto a screen.