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5 Easy ways to get Children counting

When do children count because they really need to? Children need opportunities to count for a purpose, as this will increase their enjoyment and engagement. Here are five quick ways that you can present to children to get them counting for a genuine purpose.

1. Number of children that can play here

Leave numerals in different areas in the classroom showing how many children can play in that area. Children have to count and use their knowledge of more and fewer to ensure they have the right number.

2. Classroom Management

Number your pencil pots and boxes of resources for children to sort during tidy-up time. Your resources get sorted and children are engaged in counting at the same time.


3. Targets/Keeping Score

Children are more likely to want to count when it is in the context of a game, especially when big and outdoors! This also develops their PD skills.

4. Role Play

Children use number language more spontaneously when engaged in imaginative role-play.

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We hope you find these tips useful!