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High Street Kensington Cycle Lane – Under threat of being dismantled

Fox Staff need your help: Kensington High Street Cycle Lane – to be dismantled imminently!!!!!!!!!

The introduction of the Kensington High Street cycle lane has transformed the commute  for many of the Fox staff.  Over 20 Fox staff are now able cycle to work because of the improved safety for cyclists, through the introduction of this cycle lane. We have expressed our gratitude on several occasions to the Local Council. However, it is rumored that the cycle lane is going to be dismantled imminently. This is as a result of the objection of some high profile local residents. It is hard to believe that such a backward step could take place middle of a pandemic when the Government is encouraging  people to work from home and not use public transport.  

As key workers, Fox staff are unable to work from home and if they do not have a safe route to work will have to use public transport.  
I would like you to support us in campaigning to keep the cycle lane open and expand it further across the Local Authority.  I truly believe schools in central London will lose staff if they are unable to find a safe and affordable methods of transport to get to work, particularly given how far away most staff live.    I know this is the case for many of our staff – and believe this problem will only get worse.   

Please email your support for the Kensington Cycle Lane, and other cycling infrastructure within the borough to:

More info can be found here:

Below is an open letter we have written to our local counsellors – outlining our support and the benefits to the whole community.