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School Direct

School Direct Programme

Fox School has been involved in first-class school based teacher training for 9 years. We are leading Primary Initial Teacher Training (ITT) for the West London Teaching School Alliance (WLTSA). We are currently recruiting for Fox Primary School, Ashburnham Community School and Avonmore Primary School.

Interested in teacher training?

For further information, go to the West London Teaching School Alliance Primary Courses website

We have the following School Direct Teacher Training vacancies:

Primary Primary with Maths
2VP3 2VP5
23 places 3 places
Bursaries are available to all school direct trainees trained across the Fox Federation.

UCAS Teacher Training Apply 2020 is now open. Feel free to phone the WLTSA Teaching School Office if you have any queries:

Alex Dijkhuis 0208 748 7600 (exn.290)

Pippa Currey 0208 748 7600 (extn.466)

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About us

Fox Federation was created in September 2015 with the merging of the Leadership and Governance of two schools, Fox in Notting Hill and Ashburnham in Chelsea. In 2019 the Federation was expanded to include Avonmore Primary in West Kensington.

The Federation allows for sharing of expertise, training, recruitment and experience between the three schools to the benefit of children in all three schools, as well as teachers and the wider community. The schools in the Federation have gone from strength to strength.

Our Schools

- Ashburnham Community
- Avonmore Primary
- Fox Primary

Ashburnham Primary SchoolAvonmore Primary SchoolFox Primary


  • Chair of Governors: Jodie Terry
  • Executive Head: Paul Cotter


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