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Fox School Association (FSA)

The Fox School Association (FSA) invites parents, carers, teachers and staff of Fox Primary School to become members of the FSA. Its goal is to provide facilities and opportunities at the school that enhance the education of all students. The FSA sponsors student trips and programs, invests in equipment and resources and serves as a contingency for the school to continue its great work. Our fundraising occurs during our annual fairs, auctions and other events and we rely on the generosity and involvement of the community to make those a success.

FSA objectives

The primary objective of the FSA is to advance the education of pupils at Fox Primary School by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school. As an ancillary of this objective, the FSA’s mission is to:

  • Nurture and enhance the Fox community spirit
  • Support children through funding of extra educational activities
  • Facilitate communication within the school community
  • Always act in accordance with Fox ethos and values

FSA membership

To become a member of the FSA please opt in here:

Opt in here

FSA meetings

FSA meetings are usually held first Friday each month (subject to school events) to which all parents/carers, teachers and school staff are invited. In order to vote on a resolution you would need to be a member of the FSA.

FSA Officers

Co-Chairs: Karin Styrvoldt-Chaigneau & Anne Dalen

Treasurer: Anthony Marraccino

Trustees: Cristina Aguilera, Amanda Wrigley, Karin Styrvoldt-Chaigneau & Anne Dalen

Parent Governor Rep: Catherine Edwards

Teacher Rep: Paul Cotter

Should you have any questions regarding the membership or the work of the FSA, please do not hesitate to contact us on


About us

Fox Federation was created in September 2015 with the merging of the Leadership and Governance of two schools, Fox in Notting Hill and Ashburnham in Chelsea. In 2019 the Federation was expanded to include Avonmore Primary in West Kensington.

The Federation allows for sharing of expertise, training, recruitment and experience between the three schools to the benefit of children in all three schools, as well as teachers and the wider community. The schools in the Federation have gone from strength to strength.

Our Schools

- Ashburnham Community
- Avonmore Primary
- Fox Primary

Ashburnham Primary SchoolAvonmore Primary SchoolFox Primary


  • Chair of Governors: Jodie Terry
  • Executive Head: Paul Cotter


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