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Fox FSA (Fox School Association)

The Fox FSA is the parent teacher organisation of Fox School.

FSA membership
All parents, teachers and Fox School staff are automatically members of the FSA and are welcome at all FSA events and meetings!

Role of the Fox FSA at Fox School
The FSA plays three important roles at the school:

  • We organise most of the school events and coordinate parent voluntary contributions to the school
  • We lead in Fox School fundraising activity;
  • We serve as a voice for parents on school related issues.


FSA objectives
The key objective of the FSA is to advance the education of the pupils of the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the School. The other aims of the FSA are to:

  • Foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents and teachers
  • Engage in activities which support the school
  • Provide an informal forum to keep parents in touch with school development


FSA meetings
The FSA holds regular meetings, to which all parents/carers, teachers and school staff are invited.


FSA Officers

Co-Chairs: Cristina Aguilera, Amanda Wrigley

Treasurer: Anthony Marraccino

Parent Govenor Rep: Catherine Edwards

School Rep: 

Teacher Rep: Paul Cotter